Tuesday, March 21, 2006

First day back from the Developers Conference in Sorrento, and the first post to this blog (thought I might just as well get started, I've been thinking about it for a while but always been distracted). Since I've been to Italy before, I knew part of what was waiting: excellent food, terrific coffee, and nice friendly people. What I wasn't prepared for was the intense discussions that were continously going on. The last year, in Prague, it was to a large part just the down-to-earth work of getting the code ready for the 5.0 release; this time, however, the conference was vibrant with ideas for the future and ways to leverage the skills of the people in MySQL to produce even better services. Before the conference, I was mostly busy with getting the row-based replication in shape for shipping. All it all, I would say that it holds up very well. Since it's a fresh feature, there's (of course) a list of bugs, but these are mostly annoyances like the occational extra events in the binary log that doesn't really affect the result, but that are not needed. I feel I have a pretty good control of the code right now, and know where the problematic spots are. There's, however, nothing like community testing to find the really difficult problems. I really want this feature to be rock-solid, so I'm prepared to get swamped with bug reports. Please give me your worst. :)

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