Tuesday, April 01, 2014

MySQL Fabric 1.4.2 Released

As you saw in the press release, MySQL Fabric 1.4.2 is now released! If you're interested in learning more about MySQL Fabric, there is a session titled Sharding and Scale-out using MySQL Fabric in Ballroom G. MySQL Fabric is a relatively new project in the MySQL ecosystem and it focuses on building a framework for working with large deployments of MySQL Servers. The architecture of MySQL Fabric is such that it allows extensions to be added and the first two extensions that we added were support for high-availability using High-Availability groups (HA groups) and sharding to manage very large databases. The first version of sharding have hash and range sharding implemented as well as procedures for moving and splitting shards.
A critical part of working with a collection of servers is the ability to route transactions to the correct servers, and for efficiency reasons we quite early decided to put this routing logic into the connectors. This avoid one extra network hop and hence improve performance by reducing latency, but it does require that the connectors containing routing logic, caches, and support for fetching data from MySQL Fabric. Putting the routing logic into the connector also make it easy to extend the API to add new support that applications can require.
MySQL Fabric 1.4.2 is distributed as part of MySQL Utilities 1.4.2. To avoid confusion, we have changed the version numbering to match the version of MySQL Utilities it is distributed in.
We have just done a few public releases, even though we did a few internal releases as well, but a brief history of our releases this far is:
  • MySQL Fabric 1.4.0
    • First public release
    • High-Availability groups for modeling farms
    • Event-driven Executor for execution of management procedures.
    • Simple failure detector with fail-over procedures.
    • Hash and Range sharding allowing management of large databases.
    • Shard move and shard split to support management of a sharded database.
    • Connector interfaces to support federated database systems.
    • Fabric-aware Connector/Python (labs)
    • Fabric-aware Connector/J (labs)
    • Fabric-aware Connector/PHP (labs)
  • MySQL Fabric 1.4.1
    • More solid scale-out support in connectors and MySQL Fabric
    • Improvements to the Executor to avoid stalling reads
    • Connector/Python 1.2.0 containing:
      • Range and Hash sharding
      • Load-balancing support
    • Labs release of Connector/J with Fabric-support
  • MySQL Fabric 1.4.2
    • Credentials in MySQL Fabric
    • External failure reporting interfaces supporting external failure detectors
    • Support for unreliable failure detectors in MySQL Fabric
    • Credentials support in Connector/Python
    • Connector/Python 1.2.1 containing:
      • Failure reporting
      • Credentials Support
  • Connector/J 5.1.30 containing Fabric support

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